Nineveh Council of America

Over the last decade, ethno-religious minority communities in Iraq and Syria have faced enormous hardship. Millions of Iraqis and Syrians have been displaced, thousands are being killed in a form of genocide and, more recently, ethnic minorities are forced to convert or die. The ongoing atrocities being perpetrated against Christians, Yazidis and ethnic minorities by ISIS continues unabated. The multiple crises unfolding are growing in complexity and presenting the international community with stark choices.

The Nineveh Council of America (NCA)’s member collective remains gravely concerned over the geo-political dynamics and power plays that embroil all the citizens of the Middle East North Africa. Countries and civilians are being destroyed at unprecedented levels with no political will to end the suffering and destruction of property and people. Minorities remain helpless and hopeless without an international security framework.

Our intention is to highlight sustainable, durable humanitarian solutions and protections for the traumatized and at-risk citizens of conflict. As the dynamics are rapidly changing, we seek measures to better coordinate with the U.S. and host governments.